Lamina Lift Mask 5 applications

Lamina Lift Mask 5 applications


Moisturising Cloth Mask with Seaweed, Repêchage® Lamina Lift ™ Mask, instantly moisturises and refreshes, leaving skin soft and shiny. Formulated with the Laminaria Digitata complex exclusively Repêchage®, Seaweed Extracts, Orange Flower Water and Aloe Vera, this mask has natural ingredients such as Rooibos Tea, Sweet Wood and Wild Chestnut to tone and brighten the skin. . You will notice the difference!

Product made with natural ingredients.

Use once or twice a week to give the skin a lifting effect, in the morning before makeup or before a special event.
(1) Cleanse the face with the right makeup remover for your skin.
(2) Open the envelope, unpack the mask and apply it directly on the face.
(3) After you have fixed the mask, remove the foil from the paper and remove it.
(4) Adjust the mask on the contour of the face and allow it to act for 10-15 minutes.
(5) After the end of the action time, remove the mask but do not rinse. Massage the product that has remained on the skin. Continue with Repêchage® Serum and the right moisturising product.

Available in the kit version with 5 cloth masks, individually packaged for maximum efficiency and freshness.