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Repêchage Red-Out Facial

Red-out Facial

The solution for sensitive and reactive skin. This facial reduces redness, soothes any irritability and protects the skin from further damage. The key ingredient Silver is a natural soothing agent to the skin Its anti-inflammatory quality makes it a skincare heavy-hitter, as nearly all skin issues — including redness, acne, and chronic conditions like dermatitis and rosacea.

Products used

  • Red out calming Cleanser – To gently cleanses the skin from any excess oils and dirt while calming the skin in the process.
  • Hydra-4 Tonic – To rebalance the Ph of the skin, prepare the skin for further treatment and soothes any burning, itching sensation.
  • Hydra-4 Serum – To help hydrate and temporarily reduce the appearance of redness and dryness. 
  • Hydra 4 gel peel off mask – help smooth, and calm while it restores a youthful appearance to the skin. Helps lessen the appearance of skin irritation caused by travel, climate changes, sun exposure and pollution. Essential vitamins and proteins. Improves the look of skin.
  • Eye rescue pads – To reduce puffiness and dark circles
  • Hydra-4 Day protection cream – To protect the skin from harmful free radicals, soothe the skin further and give moisture.


Results can be felt and seen from the very first treatment, while clients comment that they feel their skin soothed even during the treatment. 

Homecare Advice

  • Red out calming cleanser
  • Hydra 4 tonic
  • Hydra 4 mask
  • Red out serum
  • Hydra 4 protection day cream
  • Sunscreen that protects the skin from blue light 
  • Avoid hot showers, excess of sun exposure, saunas, tanning beds 
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