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Appreciate Your Beauty

“If only you would smile, you would be beautiful,” is anything but true. As we grow older, we become even more aware of critiquing our appearance. How often do you tell yourself that if the nose was straighter, or the eyes less deep-set, or the hips a little smaller …. that perhaps we would indeed be beautiful. At times we are just unable to see our beauty. And because we wouldn’t ace it, we couldn’t appreciate being us.

As I matured and met a lot of people along the way, I came to realise that I was not alone. How much does it cost us to tell “how beautiful you are” to someone? It costs nothing, but it may cost the world to that person. People come to me and ask me to “make me look beautiful”. Reality is, that they are already beautiful, and I will just make it a bit more evident to the eye. One could recognise and be grateful for their beauty.

Beauty is a luminous and joyful gate of self-love that lives inside all of us.

This inner beauty has the power to attest our outer beauty by improving the health of our skin, transforming the shape and movement of our bodies, and giving off a radiance that inspires those around As a society, our relationship with beauty is in crisis. We are told that beauty exists only in certain images and only at certain ages. The media assault us with images that lead us away from our own unique beauty. They encourage us to try to look like someone else rather:than become and accept more of who we truly are. While adults suffer from such messages, they are especially damaging to children, who want so desperately to be loved, approved of, and seen as beautiful.

Equally damaging is the message that beauty is unattainable beyond a certain age. We worship youth and deny the aging process, even though young people are often inexperienced, immature, full of conflict, and lacking in emotional depth. We are often unable to see the beauty in spiritual growth, maturity, and wisdom. Each stage of life offers us unique opportunities to experience our own inner and outer beauty.

“One does not see anything until one sees its beauty” that is especially true when applied to ourselves

Healing the Skin

A big part of healing your inner beauty is healing your skin and restoring its health, vitality, and glow. I have been working in the skin care and beauty industry for over a decade now. Over the course, I have learned a great deal about what the skin needs to be healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, many of today’s products do more harm than good or simply address symptoms without restoring the skin’s underlying health and function. That is why I only promote high quality products in my salon, yes they are expensive but they are expensive for a reason, as they deliver good results to your skin, being made with in-depth research and natural ingredients.

No other organ is so intimately connected to our appearance and our beauty than our skin. When we damage our skin, we diminish our beauty and change the way we feel about ourselves overall. Therefore, healing our skin is an essential part of healing our beauty.

What’s So Special About Being Beautiful?

All of us want to be beautiful, whether we admit it or not. Our desire for beauty is woven into our genes. My daughter, asks me if she is beautiful, and she is instantly reassured and deeply satisfied when I tell her she truly is.
What is this mysterious pull that beauty has on us? Why do beautiful people attract us—or, to put it another way, why do you become such a powerful magnet for people and opportunities when you are beautiful? The reason beauty draws us near is because it arises from love, which is itself the most nourishing and desired force in life. Beauty is the consequence of love, and therefore announces the presence of love, which we are ultimately drawn to. Making yourself more beautiful is dependent on giving yourself more love. Loving yourself is deeply nourishing and healing. It satisfies you in ways that no other form of love can. When we love ourselves, a mysterious array of
chemicals and emotions align, making us physically and emotionally balanced, even radiant. When we love ourselves on a daily basis, our beauty grows very rapidly.
A beautiful woman or man, someone who fundamentally loves herself or himself, exhibits a special type of grace, balance, and integrity that demonstrates for all to see the human potential to be whole.

What Does It Mean to Be Whole?

We hear a great deal about this mysterious state of wholeness that is the basis for health and beauty. What is wholeness, and how can we achieve it?
The simplest way to describe it is as a way of living that allows us to love more and more of who we are.
Most of us have been trained to see certain aspects of ourselves in a negative light. We may view our entire physical appearance, or some part of it—our nose or mouth, for example—as unattractive and even ugly. In the same way, we may have been trained to reject aspects of our character as well.

Many of us have learned to see our anger, sexuality, power, or desire to perform as negative. Becoming whole is learning to embrace those parts of us that have been rejected or denied and bringing them back into a state of
love, compassion, and acceptance. This embrace has a healing effect on our bodies and minds. We become more relaxed inside our skin and more at peace with who we are. When we accept our power as a great gift, we see
anger, when used appropriately, as an important self-protective mechanism.

When we accept ourselves, we see our sexuality as an essential part of our capacity to love. We give ourselves permission to express abilities and talents that give joy to ourselves and others. We reduce our inner conflicts and tensions. We are no longer divided against ourselves. We are a little more whole, and thus more beautiful. Not only are we more creative in such an atmosphere, but we are more understanding, open, and supportive of one another, as well.

Beauty is healing—and healing leads to greater beauty.

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